2018 Field Practicums Completed

Students in Cohorts 7 and 8 have completed their exciting field practicum projects in 10 countries around the world (yellow dots). Check out Cohort 7 Field Practicum titles and posters… Read More

Fall 2019 Admissions open

We are now beginning to receive applications for Fall 2019 Enrollment in Florida’s only Master of Sustainable Development Practice (MDP) Program. See attractive funding options below. Please call Andrew Noss… Read More

In-State Tuition for Latin American and Caribbean Residents

All Residents of LATIN AMERICAN and CARIBBEAN Countries are eligible for In-State Tuition as Students in the UF MDP Program. Please call Andrew Noss (1-352-392-3293) or email anoss@ufl.edu for more… Read More

In-State Tuition Eligibility for Southeastern US Residents

Through the Southern Regional Education Board’s Academic Common Market (ACM), MDP students who are residents of the SREB member states (excluding only NC) are eligible for in-state tuition. Please contact… Read More

MDP SPRING 2018 Newsletter

The newsletter contains the latest information on MDP activities, student practicums, alumni, and much more.

MDP Student Field Practicums

Learn more about the summer field practicum, the formative field-based experience of the MDP Program.