SDP Graduate Certificate

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The MDP Program offers an interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Development Practice (SDP). To obtain the SDP Graduate Certificate, graduate students at the Master’s level are required to take 12 credits, while PhD students must complete 15 credits. Students must achieve a GPA of 3.00 or higher in certificate courses. The MDP Program is administered jointly by the UF Center for African Studies and Latin American Studies and is part of the Global Association of MDP Programs.

The MDP Program has a strong core of program faculty committed to issues of development and practice, and an expanding list of over thirty affiliate faculty from different departments throughout the University of Florida.

Required credit hours include the following courses:

  • 3 credit hours of the Fall course: LAS 6943/AFS 6905 Development Theory and Practice in Africa and Latin America (3 credit social science course);
  • 3 MDP required courses (9 additional credit hours), or equivalents, one each, in natural sciences, health sciences, and/or management skills (the latter may include up to 3 credits of a supervised practicum in development practice, taken as LAS 6940 Tropical Conservation and Development Practicum);
  • At the PhD level, one additional MDP course is required, or an equivalent

To fulfill these requirements, students will select from existing core courses or appropriate substitutes approved by the MDP Graduate Coordinator. In many cases, substitute courses may be counted from the student’s major.

Fall 2014 Courselist

Spring 2014 Courselist

Social SciencesHealth Sciences Natural SciencesManagement SkillsField Practicum/
Capstone Courses
LAS 6943/ AFS 6305: Global Classroom: Development Theory & Practice

LAS 6938/ AFS 6905: Foundations of Economic Analysis for Sustainable Development

PHC 6764: Global Public Health and Development I

PHC 6445: Global Public Health and Development II
AGR 5277C: Tropical Crop Production

EVR 5705: Natural Resource Management and Innovation Systems
LAS 6291: Communication & Leadership Skills

LAS 6938/AFS 6905: Development Administration
LAS 6940/AFS 6905: Sustainable Development Practice Seminar

LAS 6938/AFS 6905: Conservation and Development Practicum


  • Admission and enrollment in the UF Graduate School in a participating academic department
  • Interest in international sustainable development

Step one

Download and review the SDP Certificate Enrollment form

Step two

Schedule and meet with the SDP Graduate Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Renata Serra

Step three

Complete and submit the enrollment form. You will be added to the certificate database and the MDP Listserv. Welcome to the UF MDP Community!

Step four

During the mid-point of your degree program, check in with the MDP Program Coordinator to ensure you are on track to completing the certificate.

Step five

During your final semester prior to your graduation, download and complete the SDP Certificate Credit Verification form. You are required to have a final consultation with SDP Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Renata Serra in order to finalize completion of the certificate requirements and assess the SDP Certificate student learning outcomes (SLOs).


For general information about the SDP Graduate Certificate, please email Andy Noss, MDP Program Coordinator