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The Master of Sustainable Development Practice (MDP) Graduate Program at the University of Florida provides an interdisciplinary curriculum in the health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and management skills through research and practice-based learning. This broad core curriculum is complemented by the opportunity to specialize in a particular field of interest from the university’s diverse departments.

MDP Framework

The program prepares students to take integrated approaches to advancing economic opportunity, public health, political empowerment and environmental conservation in Latin America, Africa and other regions of the world.  Graduates will take their position among development professionals in international nonprofits, private enterprises, governments and policy institutions.

The MDP program envisions a strong participatory culture among our students and faculty. Students in the program are expected to develop certain competencies, which will be evaluated through learning outcomes developed by faculty in the program.

The University of Florida offers a Masters as well as a Certificate in Sustainable Development Practice. In this section you will find information on the graduate degree program and certificate degree program. You will also find information on academic requirements, curriculum, the field practicum and learning competencies.

View the Current MDP Program Manual.