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Program Administration and Committees

The program is administered jointly by Center for African Studies and the Center for Latin American Studies. Both are internationally recognized centers of excellence in area studies and are federally funded Title VI centers. The directors for the Center for Latin American Studies and African Studies sit on the steering committee of the program. The steering curriculum and management committees make key decisions about the management of the program:

1. Steering Committee
This is composed of faculty members from across seven colleges and academic units. The steering committee meets once or twice a semester and acts as the overall advisory board for the program.

Please click here to see the current Steering Committee Members.

2. Curriculum Committee:
The curriculum committee designs, reviews and revises learning competencies and the structure of the curriculum. It ensures that individual coursework meets the program’s learning outcomes.

Please click here to see the current Curriculum Committee Members.

3. Admissions Committee:
An admission committee composed of MDP Director, Graduate Coordinator and other Core faculty together with the Program Coordinator, reviews and ranks student applications.

4. Management Committee:
The management committee is convened on a biweekly basis. The committee is composed of the program director, program coordinator and core faculty members. Members include: Glenn Galloway, Ignacio Porzecanski, Sarah McKune, and Andy Noss.

5. Student Advising and Supervisory Committee:
The Graduate Coordinator advises students during the first semester. The student is responsible for forming an supervisory committee in their first semester. The role of the committee chair and additional members are:

  • To advise students on course work and plan their field practicum.
  • To evaluate the student’s final project report, presentation and defense.


Maya Meeting small
MDP summer field practicum in Peten, Guatemala