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TCD Fellowships/Assistantships – The Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program in the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida (UF) announces a competition for Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships to support Master’s and Doctoral level study in various disciplines. Awards cover tuition and provide a $16,000-17,000 stipend for one academic year of study at UF, usually matched by a second year of support from the student’s department.

Latin American and Caribbean Scholarships – MDP students from Latin American and Caribbean countries are eligible for this scholarship from the The Center for Latin American Studies. Recipients are awarded $500 per semester and most importantly qualify as Florida residents for tuition purposes.

UF Student and Part-Time Positions  – A variety of paid student and part-time positions are available to UF graduate students – some are graduate assistantships that provide a living stipend as well as a tuition waiver, while others pay an hourly wage only.

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