UF-Based Funding

TCD Fellowships/Assistantships – The Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program in the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida (UF) announces a competition for Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships to support Master’s and Doctoral level study in various disciplines. Awards cover tuition and provide a $16,000-17,000 stipend for one academic year of study at UF, usually matched by a second year of support from the student’s department.

Book Scholarships for UF Students from Latin America and the Caribbean – The Center for Latin American Studies announces a competition to award two merit-based book scholarships of $500 per semester to UF students from Latin America and the Caribbean who are enrolled in the Latin American Studies Minor or Certificate Programs at the undergraduate, graduate level, or the MA program in Latin American Studies (MALAS). Students from Latin America and the Caribbean who receive scholarships from the state or federal government qualify as Florida residents for tuition purposes. The Center’s book scholarships will be funded from state and federal sources, thus making the awardees eligible for “in-state” tuition status.

UF Student and Part-Time Positions  – A variety of paid student and part-time positions are available to UF graduate students – some are graduate assistantships that provide a living stipend as well as a tuition waiver, while others pay an hourly wage only.

UF International Center Scholarships – This website provides a list of both internal (UF) and external sources of student funding, for both American and international students.

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