We are committed to helping students understand the multidimensional nature of development challenges, to gain the analytical capacity and tools to apply to development challenges, as well as, to become critical thinkers of the development process and its implications.

We train students to become skilled practitioners who are able to:

  • Intellectually and culturally address complex sustainable development challenges by working across disciplinary boundaries and bridge scholarship and practice
  • Analyze and communicate multi-dimensional development problems (such as poverty, weak governance, and climate vulnerability) at the interface of the environment, health and development.
  • Plan, manage and monitor development interventions.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills for assessing or managing organizations, staff and teams

Courses are designed to bridge academic, practice and skills training. In addition to on campus instruction, students benefit from field based training in collaboration with partners in regions of Africa and Latin America. Their practicum field and research experience is designed to help students build strong networks with practitioners and to apply their skills to real development challenges.